Modern Technology in Dentistry!

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  Modern Technology in Dentistry...

Modern Technology in Dentistry has brought a tremendous shift in the way we look at dentistry today. This is opening up a completely new world in dentistry concepts to our Cebu Dentists. These include the following...

Modern Technology in Dentistry!

  Dental Caries...

Dental Caries are now viewed as a multi-faceted disease process by your Cebu Dentists, and not merely as a dental lesion. As a result, management of dental caries is not anymore just the traditional “drill & fill” dentistry. Treatment has now become a multi-faceted approach also which includes oral hygiene instruction, early operative intervention, diet counseling, as well as assessment of both patient risk factors, and oral bacterial levels at your Dentist in Cebu.

Dental Caries!

  Cosmetic Dentistry...

Cosmetic Dentistry has been given so much emphasis as the “feel good, look good” concept has become popular. I totally agree with my mentor Dr. Pete Ong when he said in one of his lectures, “Cosmetic dentistry is just incidental to good restorative dentistry.” If dentists would just focus on good restorative techniques, beautiful cosmetics will naturally be the results. Our Cebu Dentists love beautiful smiles!

Cosmetic Dentistry!

  Continuing Education Programs For Dentists...

Continuing Education Programs for Dentists, more than ever, have become necessary in this continually evolving world of modern technology in dentistry. More treatment options have become available to the dentist as new dental materials, techniques, and equipments have flooded the market. Our dentists in Cebu keep abreast of these changes.

Continuing Education Programs For Dentists!

  Patient Dentistry Education...

Patient Dentistry Education is vital in helping patients understand the overall condition of their teeth and mouth, the different treatment options available to them from their dentist, the PROS and CONS of each option, and the cost involved. Your dentist office in Cebu, Philippines helps you understand all this and more.

Patient Dentistry Education!

  Oral Hygiene Instruction...

Oral Hygiene Instruction is a vital part of our patient education program. We, your Cebu Dentists, believe that every patient should become our “Dentistry Partner” in achieving and maintaining dental health.

Oral Hygiene Instruction!

  Thoughts From The Desk Of Dr. Myrle Lim-Peters, Cebu Dentist...

Humility is the most important lesson I learned as I pursued and obtained my license to practice dentistry in the state of California. After almost 20 years in active private dental practice in Cebu, I found myself sitting again in classrooms at UCLA, listening to professors/lecturers much younger than I was. I realized how much I needed both to re-learn and re-focus on the basic foundations of dentistry, as well as to learn the new concepts brought about by modern technology. This was both an eye opening and a humbling experience for me.

Dr. Myrle Lim-Peters D.M.D.

Thoughts From The Desk Of Dr. Myrle Lim-Peters, Cebu Dentist!

  Meet Our Cebu Dentistry Team...

Dental Team

Our Cebu Dentistry Team has three well-trained and experienced dentists. We are all committed to keep abreast of current dental techniques and materials to achieve the optimum level of care every patient deserves. We have the passion to impart that knowledge as we interact with each patient to meet their dentistry needs.

Meet Our Cebu Dentistry Team HERE!

Photo of Cebu Dentists (Left to Right)
Dr. Myrle Lim-Peters, D.M.D.
Dr. Lenilda T. Lim, D.M.D.

Meet Our Cebu Dentistry Team!

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